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Monday, February 25, 2013

Unforgettable Runs: East Lansing (Run #2)

      I will confess, there are many runs that stick out in my mind solely because I got utterly and hopelessly lost.  While I was in East Lansing on a college visit, I took this run (coincidentally: the day after my first East Lansing run/mathematical failure) from our hotel, figuring I could go check out Michigan State University's campus before we headed out of town that afternoon.  I had looked on Map My Run like all good runners do, yet I also have a terribly sense of direction- like many runners also do.  I'll try to spare you the boring details, but basically: I ended up running at least a mile onto a dead end road within the campus.  I tried to find a way out, but to no avail.  To make matters worse-- just being honest here-- I had to go to the bathroom really badly.  By the time I got lost within the urban campus, (Yes, I'm quite ashamed) I'd been running for almost an hour.  Because my math skills are even worse then my sense of direction, I had run 40 minutes out, on an out and back run.  Somehow, my confused little head chalked that up to a good 60 minute run.


      So, there I was: stuck at a dead end, with a mile to go before I could go to the bathroom.  I was so close to just peeing in a bush by the Education Department Building, but I saw so many people coming in and out.  My active imagination was also spinning a story of me finishing up my business while the Cross Country coach-- we'd met the day before-- walked by and saw me.  Determined not to "soil" my reputation, I kept running.  I went circles around that campus for another 15 minutes before the light-bulb clicked: Oh Ya!  I'd brought my phone!  In fact, it was right in my hand!  Then, I ran another mile because I was reading Google Maps wrong...ya-- pretty stupid girl right here.  My shining moment was standing on the street corner of East Lansing for 10 minutes waiting for my dad to come pick me up.  I was done.  Through.  And I just meekly smiled at the passing students, and tried to think "dry-as-a-dessert thoughts."
     So, In all honesty: I can't really tell you much about the run.  I remember train tracks.  Those were fun.  The campus is nice.  It's big...very big.  Other than that, um...that's all I have for ya.  Oh and in case you were wondering- I did make it to a bathroom before I wet myself.  Oh my goodness: I can't end a post with that sentence.  Um...hope you enjoyed the story :)

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