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Friday, February 22, 2013

Lost brilliance

     I am angry: I went back to look for two posts-- one I made last night and the other two weeks ago-- to find that they were strangely missing. At least on my computer, they had showed up as published. Apparently this is not the case.  Now I'm going to have to rack my brain to recreate "the magic" once more. Although I'm also aware that I'm giving my writings and blog much more notoriety than reality has. Alas, you readers will be presented with rehashed/not so good efforts to recreate my old posts.  I'm not sure if you should blame my computer or Blogger, but let me know so we can collectively direct all our anger and frustration on the same source :)  
*It's either that, or take it up with the Complaints Committee for my blog, which is currently on an indefinite water break...

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