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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Adventure Bucket List

     I've been so fortunate to have been exposed to different cultures, languages, and adventures, early in my life.  Yet, this emphasis on travel has only fed my desire to see more.  The more destinations I reach, the greater imagination I have on where to go next.  There are a few set things (both far and near adventures) that I have set my mind to accomplishing.  Here's just a hint of where you'll see me in future years:

1.  Peru- I want so badly to hike up the long way to the Machu Pichu ruins.  It's about a 10 ten day hike through a less traveled path, but it provides the opportunity to see ruins that are hard to access otherwise (and therefore: less of a tourist trap).  I am also an avid Spanish student and speaker, so the rich Peruvian culture and language would be an excellent way to immerse myself and improve my Spanish comprehension. Not to mention the amazing hiking, cities, and villages I would be sure to visit- Peru is an ideal future vacation

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2. Fiji- In all honesty, I doubt there are many beach lovers who don't have Fiji on their dream vacation list.  I must confess- I am one of you.  The vast variety of outdoor activities-- hiking, running, kayaking, climbing, hiking-- makes me imagine staying there for weeks.  Granted, Fiji is quite the tourist destination. That's why I would be sure to visit the less traveled outer islands, where I could rough it and see the true Fijian islands.  My family traveled to Puerto Rico two years ago, and visited the island of Vieques for quite the same affect. As in: I encountered many wild horses and chickens on my runs.

On a hike in Colorado
3. Colorado- I went last summer, and I can't wait to hopefully go back this summer.  As a beach bum myself, I wasn't sure how I would feel about the high altitude temperatures.  However, I fell in love with the amazing scenery, hiking, and lifestyle that the state has to offer.  I loved the runs.  I loved the hikes.  I loved the people.  Basically, I loved just about everything...except for the hostile Alpine Marmots.

Beautiful peaks of Colorado

What destinations would you add to my list (keep in mind that there will be more to come- I know I've left out many extraordinary places!)
Make sure to read my next post about more challenge-challenge based items on my bucket list of adventure.  Perhaps they'll give you a few ideas yourself.

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