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Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Driving

     Can I complain--er, be grateful for-- the weather again?  The snow is gorgeous, but it's been coming down nonstop since yesterday morning.  Yet, it's not enough to get us out of school, sadly.  What I am extremely grateful for though, is that God kept me safe coming home today!  Because of the lack of snow Ohio had last winter, I haven't really driven in much of the slush, so it makes me very nervous.  I had a dentist appointment after school today, and was not feeling to sure about driving somewhere I don't usually go in whether I don't usually drive in.  My dad figured I'd be fine though.  So with his blessing, I prayed my way to the dentist...and home again.  By the time I was driving home, the roads had gotten quite bad on the highway (or at least to me they were.  That could be a completely different standard of measurement than the average driver!) I am very thankful that I didn't start my week being dead :)  
Happy Monday-- it's all uphill from here!

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