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Sunday, February 10, 2013

God is moving

     Here's a post I wrote last night, but didn't have internet connection in order to upload:


     Today, I was extremely grateful for God's mercy in me. For so long, I've been scared about college, growing up, and being able to handle all the coming change. I know that God is really the one who needs to be capable-- not me-- yet I've been very afraid. Slowly and surely, he has been showing me that he will not leave me and he loves me so much! As his word tells us, he has great plans! I an so grateful that I was able to grow up and be responsible today in my jobs and in my character. This is something I didn't think I could do at this time last yr. Thank you God! And may this encourage any readers tonight: he never gives up on us and he is going to set your world on fire if you just hold on!

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