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Friday, February 22, 2013

So you're a teenager?

Hilarious and appropriately fitting picture I saw on Pinterest
     Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is an extreme social expectancy of teenagers to, well expect everything and do nothing in return.  We are labeled inept for a good six years and then thrown out into the world, expected to have shed those characteristics that we may have never had. 
     Surely that's not the case, because according to society, aside from being hormonal wrecks and expertly awkward, teenagers have a lot on common.  In fact, from what I've gathered teens must:

1. Be unmotivated, unfocused, and indecisive (although I'm not sure if I agree with that last one..)
2. Despise their parents and younger sibling(s)
3. Go to bed at three in the morning and not venture out into the light till noon.
4. Have absolutely no knowledge of how to drive, only a passion to hit things with their car: mailboxes, puppies, and old ladies with puppies (that explains the suspicious scowl I received when smiling and waving to a neighbor as I drove past last week.)
5. Have terrible memory, and selective at that.
6. Natural reside in either a dark basement of video gaming or a shopping mall. They can be spotted by their typical sweatshirt and sweatpants.
7. Update their twitter and/or Facebook account every 13.7 minutes, according to completely made up statistical evidence.
(Oops, I'll be right back.)
8. Have an intrinsic hatred of books
9. Have an intrinsic love of fire!
10. Be unable to think about any concept outside the bounds of the immediate pleasure, or set goals beyond "I want waffles right now," or the primitive growl: "fooood."
11. Be religiously devoted to every show on ABC Family
12. Have terrible memory
13. Have no regard for personal hygiene (if male) or walk around with an orange, greasy face (females).

 Any other stereotypes you would add to the list?

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