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Sunday, February 24, 2013

What kind of runner are you?

     No, I'm not referring to the distance you run or the enthusiasm with which you call yourself such.  I'm talking about the quirky appearance that most of us have when we run.  I'm talking about your form.
     Before you feel to insulted, understand that I've included myself in this playful list as well.  At least on my track and cross country teams, we like to joke about each others' running forms.  Note that these are pretty extreme and usually are displayed when the runner  Here's the list, in no certain order:

1. The Bobber
I came across one of these at the gym today, which prompted me to write this post.  The Bobber is the one who is running on that trail/treadmill like their wimpy little neck can't handle it.  Their head is bobbing around, and as the observer, your wondering when their gonna get whiplash.

2. The Loper
This kind of runner reminds one of a long legged gazelle making its way across the African plains.  They  make a snakelike movement with their body by protruding the neck as one foot leaps forward, and then retreating again.  An important thing to note about the Loper is that they look somewhat like an angry bull with their legs lunging forward-- that's the best way to describe it: lunging.

3.The Reacher
I am a proud Reacher myself.  Usually, only when I'm sprinting at the end of the race, do I punch my clenched fists forward to propel myself.  A Reacher appears to be pulling on an imaginary rope, and well: looks pretty stupid for the most part.  Sorry fellow Reachers, it's true, but at least it makes us think we will go faster.  I'm all for mental trickery on the running front.

4. The Pounder
Watch out runners: the Pounder can be a dangerous one.  And when I mean dangerous, I mean that they can be highly annoying and anger provoking.  Although a Pounder sounds furious, chances are, they are just really really tired.  What follows is how they get their namesake: they pound.  They smack the ground as hard as they can.  Perhaps you've seen one before.  He's training for the army!  Maybe he's in the marching band, or..or: smashing a bug!  No, no (cue dramatic superhero music) he is: the Pounder!

5. The Ragedy Doll
This runner is a jumbled mutt of all the running types above.  This runner is the one you hurt for when you see their painful form.  They could be pounding, reaching, loping, and bobbing: all at the same time!  On the bright side, this type of runner will definitely make you feel better about your own flawed gait.  If you are a Ragedy'm not sure what to say.  Maybe you can take up the elliptical, or at least wear a neck brace or something.

6. The Oh-my-goodness-that's-ryan-hall!
I have previously mentioned my deep admiration and love for Ryan Hall (RELATED: Ryan Hall).  It only gets better my friends; not only does Ryan Hall have strong faith and a undeniable attractive quality: he also runs like he's floating in the wind.  I'm sure he hurts while running marathons, but to the rest of the world, Ryan Hall is having fun.  He is having a nice jog and he's enjoying every minute.  This type of runner is very rarely seen, and mimics that same heavenly gait and demeanor.  If male, their hair is generally tousled in the wind just right.  Their running clothes are always the best, and they are extremely photogenic as they run by.  If you are an Oh-my-goodness-thats-ryan-hall, you are extremely blessed my friend.  Keep that hair tousled and never stop running!

     I hope you enjoyed a playful look at running forms like I did.  Take some time to make fun of yourself today.  I promise, it will be good for you and you'll get a pretty good laugh.  I'll start it off for ya: Which running form are you?

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  1. I think you're a mix of the Reacher and the Oh-my-goodness-that's-ryan-hall! A pure Reacher would never smile when she runs ; )