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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Adventure Bucket List: Part II

     So, as much as I adore traveling and exploring crazy new places, there are also plenty of adventures I'm seeking that deal less with travel.  In fact, they are more journey oriented, then destination:

1. The Annual Empire State Climb-  When watching a "World's Weirdest Races" Travel Channel program, a few years back, I became enamored with this idea of a race.  According to the race website, the climb is 1/5 of a mile. That doesn't sound so bad, until you take the 1,576 steps into account.  It's a fairly short race, however the "World's Weirdest Races" boasts that your lungs burn inside the poorly ventilated stairwell.  For some reason, all these statistics make me itch to try it for myself.  

3. Run a marathon- This one will have to wait until after my college running career, but it'll get done.

4. Adopt a child-  I would argue that this counts as adventure because anything involving children is quite unpredictable and fun.  Now, I'm not looking into doing this anytime soon, but God put it on my heart a few years back to adopt a child from the U.S.  Being able to give love to someone who may not have had it otherwise, is such a special opportunity that I don't want to pass up.

Yes, this doesn't qualify as a "house idea" but I'm pretty
sure this would be at my dream house!
5. Build a house- I am a big HGTV fan, and love everything house related.  Unfortunately, I am sorely skilled in the math and spatial reasoning department.  I'm pinning up all my ideas though, so that when the day and finances come: I will be ready to show a builder exactly what I want.  I've painted walls before!  Maybe I can at least do that...

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...And do tell me: do you think I left any "musts" out?


  1. You're just getting warmed up, I think ; ) Can't wait for the mother/daughter hiking trip in June!

    1. Me either! There is so much left to see!!!