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Friday, February 8, 2013


     She walked slowly out the door without turning back.  A typical response to an atypical situation.  Inside the house, the window's drapes parted- only enough for a glimpse- to see the girl take a sharp left turn at the sidewalk, and stride away.
     Aylee was mad. Correction- she was fuming. After the effort and time she had taken coming out to this suburb I the middle of nowhere.  She shook her long brown hair in disgust and smoothed out her business suit.  In her head, she heard that small voice telling her not to give in to the anger.  ”Be still,” it told her-he told her- ” You're my daughter and I forgave you.  Now forgive her.”  Aylee grimaced; she knew it was the Holy Spirit, and she knew it was the truth.  ”But,” she reasoned, ”She has no idea. You have no idea!”  Yes, it was rediculous to label God incompetent, especially after what he had brought her through the past two years, but it was so easy to start the ”pity party” at times like these.  ”Do you believe he wants to bless you Aylee?” Her mind wrestled with the question for a minute.  It was true though: bad things still happened, but when she was following the Lord, she could find joy regardless. That's when she recalled the story of Noah.  In comparison, the rude behavior she'd received paled in comparison to a short stay  inside of a whale. God knew what he was doing, and frankly: she knew it want her job to punish or manipulate the situation. It was her job to love, just like he loved her.  That didn't make simple, but it did stop Aylee as she reached her car. ”As much as you forgive, you will be forgiven.” It was a harsh blow to her ego.  Bit it also reflected his mercy, his love.  How many things had she required forgiveness for? 
    She turned on her heel with a deep breath and quick prayer. It was time to mend some things.

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