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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Don't ask me why, but language just fascinates me! I started taking Spanish five years ago and I'm going to continue studying it on Spanish. However, with very few people in my Spanish class today due to a "skip day," those of us remaining were grumbling over the work to be done.  Although I'm the first to say I don't enjoy getting up and learning in a classroom for 7 hours and then spending even more time on homework, I know I am so fortunate to get an education. There are also classes that I really enjoy-- like Spanish-- that are a blessing because they break up the monotony my day. I am so thankful for Spanish because I love learning about the culture and language! I think it's so cool that I can eavesdrop on people speaking Spanish at the store....err- could if I wanted. 
     I guess it goes back to the diverse and unique way Good has made all of us. That, ultimately, is what I'm so grateful for. It means I don't have to "be" anything or anyone. It means that I can travel all over the world and not once meet the same person or see the same things. And with seven continents and seven billion people- that's a lot to be grateful for!

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