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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Life of a Summer Nanny: Week of June 2

This week, I watched the kids Tuesday through Thursday.  With varying weather and interests, we found lots of stuff to do in the area.  If you've got kids, watch kids or just act like a kids: Here are some child-friendly ideas in the Lewis Center area:

Aquatic Center from slide
Orange Pool (photo credit:
The sun was out and the pool pass was renewed.  That meant one thing: The Orange Pool.  The pool is always a hit because friends, neighbors and other nannies are bound to be swimming and lounging on any given day.  I enjoy getting to catch up with friends as much as the kids do!  Though is was pretty chilly the day we went, the kids didn't mind.  I was a little grateful that I had forgotten my swim top and therefore had an excuse not to get it: The water is not heated FYI!  After the pool, we stopped by the adjoining park for half an hour of tag and hide-n-seek.  It was a fun day with lots of laughs!

USACE Alum Creek Dam and Lake.jpg
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
Wednesday: I didn't let the rain deter my original plan to take the kids to the Alum Creek State Park for frisbee golfing.  That changed however, when we stopped at the nature center and I realized that the frisbee golf course is a bit farther than I'd remembered when running to it.  God had a better plan though because the nature center has a engineering-focused water feature that the kids loved!  Coordinating levers and gates on a mini dam kept them entertained for a good 45 minutes while we waited out the rain.  I practically had to drag them away, only successfully done with the guarantee that we'd return.  After that, we made our way down to the beachfront and hunted for shells after skipping a few rocks.  It was raining a bit harder by that point, so we drove down the the bottom part of the park for our picnic lunch under the shelter.  The kids played around in the rain for a bit before we piled back into the car and headed home.  Back at the house, we ended the day with indoor hide-n-seek and two square in the garage.  Both me and the kids were pretty tired out from our active rainy day  (RELATED: Babysitting Fun with Boat Making)!

Glen Oak Park Medium Shelter
Glen Oak Park: With a big hill perfect for
daredevil boys on bicycles! 
The weather was not warm enough for the pool but it was warm enough for the bike ride I'd planned, so we rode  down to a little corner market in Lewis Center that is at the end of the bike trail and past Glen Oak Elementary School.  It's a 25-30 minute leisurely bike ride from Orange High School, so the kids were ready for some popsicles-- only 49 cents-- by the time we got there.  We rode back through two parks before finishing the day with a dance party and dance-off in the living room!  It was a great way to spend the day (RELATED: Summer 2013 Comes to a Close)


Keep following my Adventures in Babysitting posts for more activities, crafts and destinations for your own babysitting or childcare needs!  Some of the plans for this summer include: A visit to the fire station, the zoo, the skate park, the splash pad, making s'mores with foil and sunlight, helping at the animal shelter, playing baseball, doing another lemonade stand, producing at television news broadcast and visiting a couple of local farms.  I'll definitely be busy to say the least!

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