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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adventures in Babysitting: The Summer Comes to a Close

     Believe it or not, the kids are officially back in school and my job as summer nanny/babysitter has died with the fun in the sun.  During my last day yesterday, the kids and I made our Summer 2013 photo book.  Every day of the summer, I took at least one picture of the fun stuff we did together.  Our collection is comprised of photos from Lemonade Stands (RELATEDLemonade and Popcorn Stand), made up games, crafts (RELATED: Melted Bead Necklaces and Candy-cala), trips to the zoo and skate park, fun at the splash park, minnow catching, boat making (RELATED: Boat Making) and just about every other activity I could brainstorm.
     Before we threw water-balloons at each other to end summer with a bang, we lined up our photos and decorated the book.  A scrapbook would've taken far too much time, but we did add some mementos in the back.  That way, the kids can look later and see our Olympic Game schedule, our summer fun flag, and our seashells from the beach.
     While the majority of my summer photos have the kids in them, I'm leaving those off the internet.  Barring those pics., enjoy a flashback at the babysitting fun I had this summer:
Boat Making.

Fun with colored clay: the one in the back is a skillfully made
lego piece.  The other two are lego-sized motorcycles.
I'm not exactly sure what the black one is...
The clay creations of the girl I babysit.  You can definitely
tell which of the clay items were from which gender
(black and blue vs. pink rainbow).

Mancala with candy.  Each player gets to eat the candy
in their "hole" at the end!

Making an extravagant card for someone who was sick.

My melted bead creation

Fun at the skate park.

A VERY bad, blurry picture of a snapping turtle at the zoo.

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