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Friday, August 30, 2013

When Things Aren't So Easy

There is beauty in the darkness.  Lord, please open my
eyes right now so I can see it.
     Things have been crazy the past few days: 6:30 a.m aqua jogs, three hours spent writing out homeworks for the semester, and an MRI that served as a 30 min. nap but a 3 hour ordeal.  Thus, writing and blogging have fallen to the backburner-- although, on a side note, I'm hoping to write for the school newspaper!
     "Things," A.K.A: life, is going well with school, but I am really homesick still.  To make it even harder, I found out this morning that I have a severe stress fracture in my hip.  That means it will be a recovery of 6-8 weeks, and as much as 12 weeks.  I've cried and cried about it, and I don't want to write a lengthy post on the matter at this time-- still too emotional.  But I will say that God is still good, somehow.  Even though I question why he led me here and why I can't run this season, I know that his greatness cannot be measured by how much I understand.  So I hope that encourages you.  This is a day where I have felt absolutely alone, with no one I am close to that can give me a hug or just cry with me.  But I still have God, and I've been honest in telling him that I'm angry, I'm frustrated that every time I work to get back up, I'm slammed down.  But after praying, I was reminded that none of this really matters.  Soon enough, I will be with him forever and ever.  Today is a day when I need to keep that in perspective.

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