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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spiritual Warfare to the Max

     This has been a hard week in that my hip/glute injury is not getting better, and in fact: a bit worse.  Despite a week of aqua jogging-- which is quite fun actually-- it is hurting when I walk around and the rehab exercises don't seem to make a difference.  This has really taken a toll on my faith that God has got everything in his hands (RELATED: See How God is Using the Trial by clicking HERE).  I have decided to use my time while I wait though.  God is so good, so this is going to be great.  Just wanted to update friends and family though, and would ask that you keep praying for both this and my homesickness.  I am truly grateful for all of you though.  My best friend sent me my first official package this week, and it made my day! I plan to write letters to all of you though, or at least as many as I can.  I have 100 time is the only determining factor in all honesty!  Tonight, I'm going to see the doctor again, but the trainer told me he will most likely order an MRI.  That means I get 45 minutes to just lay and talk with God, right?  That's how I'm choosing to view it!

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