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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My "New Things" This Week

     With my recent posts about spiritual trials and homesickness (RELATED: Spiritual Warfare to the Max), you must be thinking I'm the most miserable college girl in the world.  On the contrary, I'm having a great time and really enjoying myself.  I guess I just fall into the trap of focusing on the hard, difficult events.  So to perk things up and put some pep back into the blog, here's a list of the awesome stuff I've gotten to do this week, for the first time:

For the first time, I...

1. Purchased something with my Flex Dollars (meal plan vernacular)-- last night!
2. Spent 2 hours dancing, running, and playing around with hundreds of other freshmen on campus!
3. Met my math professor, who is very nice.
4. Set up a study schedule for my college classes
5. Started my "church search" with a visit to a church nearby with some girls on the team.
6. Swiped my student ID card to get food at the dining halls-- the card swipe wasn't on until other students actually got here.
7. Nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement at the sight of cantaloupe-- it's my favorite guys, and its been over a week since I've eaten it!
8. Have a more clear idea of what I want to major/minor in!
9. Went Aqua Jogging-- it's actually pretty fun, once you get past the strange looks from every lifeguard and swimmer can see you slowly treading through the water...
10. Feel really excited to start classes tomorrow morning!!!!

Have a great Wednesday, and good luck to all of you who've started or are started classes tomorrow.

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