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Friday, August 9, 2013

What I'm Grateful for on August 9


     Yesterday, after helping out with Vacation Bible School at church, I started feeling pretty sick.  Immediately, I became worried because many of the helpers at VBS were getting sick, and I did NOT want to go through that!  After Bible study ended at 6 p.m., I was feeling so bad that I decided to lie down.  I got a little nap in, but woke up with a headache that was just as bad-- if not worse.  A hot shower didn't help, neither did water.  So, I grabbed a little food and headed to bed.  I couldn't really eat though, my head hurt too badly.  I went to bed around 9-9:30 p.m. and got a good 10-11 hours of sleep.  This morning: no headache!  Praise God!  I am definitely grateful for that healing!
     I am also grateful for God's divine plan.  Yesterday at Bible study, we talked about the good Samaritan (Luke 10:30).  We discussed how there are so many things in life that we consider "distractions" to what WE think should be happening.  We often forget that God has a much better plan, and that these things are actually divine appointments set by him.  So, I've got a strained left quad that hurts like crazy.  It's been sore for three or four days.  Today, it was so bad that I almost didn't finish my run.  I probably shouldn't have, in hindsight, because I have my long run tomorrow.  Although it kept tightening up and I could hardly put pressure on it afterwards, I finished the run.  Now, I'm trying to ice and stretch very diligently, and I'm praying for healing so I can do my long run tomorrow as planned.  I'm reminded that last week, I was worried about my long run because of pain in my foot.  Well, not only did it not hurt during my long run, but God has completely healed it since it last hurt on Friday!  That's something else I'm grateful for!
     Back to my main point though: I know that this quad pain isn't just a distraction or something that I should worry about.  God has something he wants to teach me through this.  Already, I think he is teaching me that I need to be patient and trusting that he has a plan.  His timing is not my timing.  Maybe he will heal it right before tomorrow's run, or maybe he will heal it after the run-- meaning no long run for me.  Either way, I'm determined to see the blessing in this, because God works all things for good.  I believe that God can and will heal this leg, but there's got to be something he is teaching me through it because it is just bizarre to have my left quad so sore for over two weeks!  I love my savior and I know he loves me.  He has a good plan, and this "distraction" is really a divine interruption to teach me something.  For that, I am grateful.

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