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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Six Days Till College: What Happens to My Blog Then?

     It's my last Wednesday at home!  This week I've become very sentimental like that, and have been viewing everything as one of my last experiences.  I've also been saying my "last goodbyes."
     Anyways, I just wanted to let my family and friends know that my plan is to keep blogging.  For me: faith comes first, school comes second, and my family and running come after that.  However, blogging is still something I love and I know that writing is good for my academic focus as well as my emotional well-being.  When in college, I will most likely write a lot less, at least for the first few months.  But there will be more of a focus on life updates than I have had on my blog thus far.  While I'll keep in touch with close friends and family, I'd like to let my loved ones-- those who care at least-- know how college life is going.  Since I'll be living 3 hours from home, I can still have some contact with friends and family that would otherwise be out of the loop.  I'll keep writing my Grateful 2013 posts, my Unforgettable Runs (as I'll get to run all over the country!)  and other travel and faith stuff.  I'm just going to add a section for life updates as well.  I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride as I discover the new and adventurous part of life that awaits me!

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  1. I'm a fan. Will be watching for those "Unforgettable Runs" and hoping that I get to see some of them in person! Go Hannah Go!!