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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Just Another Update: August 3

     Let's see...what have I NOT been up to.  There's been college shopping, running, getting back into things after vacation, babysitting fun, and church today.  It's craziness that I'm headed off to school in only 15 days.  When people ask-- which they do about seven times a day-- I say, "I'm so excited," because that's true.  But I also share honestly, "I'm still really nervous, but I know that this is where God wants me to be, so I am confident and excited."
     That's the thing: I don't have to be concerned about holding onto God or legally prescribing myself to a strict rule of time with God.  I want to focus on spending more time with him, but I know there is no condemnation for those called according to Christ.  Furthermore, I know that God holds on to me!
     Babysitting has included trips to the splash park, the pool and the skate park lately.  We even had a lemonade stand last week that was a hit!
     As far as running goes, I hit 55 miles this past week, which is probably the highest I'll get this summer.  I'm really proud to reach that mark though, considering I used to run 35-40 miles a week during summers in high school.  I also ran a super awesome tempo run last Tuesday-- as my first tempo hard run-- and had an amazing long run yesterday.  My legs felt so fresh that I didn't even feel tired AT ALL until about 8 or 9 miles in.  My friend and I ended up running a 7:07 ave. for 12.7 miles, and I felt like it wasn't even that hard.  That is really encouraging to see my fitness is at a good level at this point. I am pumped for an awesome freshman cross season!
     The only trouble I've been having on that front is a nagging pain in the toe ligaments in my left foot.  I also started having pain in my arch a few days ago, a result of compensating for the toe pain I think.  Both at prayer group on Thursday and church today, I received prayer for that.  I also have been praying for my mindset.  On Saturday morning, I was very much in a complaining mood.  I kept whining to God about the pain, expecting him to be like a genie and make it all better.  That was a sin I quickly had to repent of.  Then I got to thinking of it this way: God has a direct reason for this pain.  There is something he wants to show me through it, and I don't want to miss my personal message from him.  I won't lie, I still want this to stop! But I am holding on to the promise that he makes all things new, and I will worship and watch while I wait.  Not only do I have more peace that when I was whining, but I am able to focus on things other than myself.
Lyrics in Matt Maher's new song, "I Need You"
     I just had a nice bike ride around town to just think and sing and relax.  I've forgotten how nice that is.  I am absolutely loving Matt Maher's new song, so that is naturally stuck in my head.  It is such a beautifully simple song of worship.  Next up is college shopping, and a relaxing evening I hope.
     I am praying for the girls Bible study I'm part of, that God will raise up a leader for it when I can't be there next year.  I am also praying that he will open doors for me in college, to find Bible studies and ministries to be a part of.  I know he will, because that is who he is.  I pray you all have a great week!

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