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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm a College Student: Day 4

     Good news: I've been a lot less homesick today and yesterday.  I've started to get in the hang of things and make friends.  One of the hard parts is the pain in my hip.  It started on Friday before I came to campus, and didn't get better regardless of what I did.  Basically, it started in my lower back and hurt all the way through my right glute.  Not fun.  I went to see the athletic trainer, and yesterday, she sent me to the sports doctor.  The good news is it's not a stress fracture like she thought, it's just extreme inflammation of those muscles.  Praise God for that!  I'm also really thankful that he's healing it and it feels better for the first time today!  I've had to keep reminding myself that his plan is much better than mine, even if it doesn't seem that way.  God's got it all under control.
      Yesterday, the freshman on the team went out for frozen yogurt, which was really fun.  We also had another meeting and then played games in the lobby last night.  By night, I mean 7-9 p.m.  My roommate and I were in bed by 9:45-- waking up at 5:45 for practice will do that to ya.  On a side note though, I'm learning that I really love getting up that early, once I am dressed and awake that is.  I love being done with practice at like 8!
     Tonight, we're going to have movie night and right now I'm headed to lunch before another meeting.  I had to cross train so I missed eating with the group a few minutes ago.
     Spiritually, I love that I'm drawing closer to God because he is the constant in all this change.  I want to grow in my trust though.  I want to look this hip pain and homesickness in the face and say: God is so awesome!  It will be hard this weekend with all the other families coming in and dropping students off.  Some of my teammate's parents are coming, but I think I'll be a solo act.  The worst time for being homesick is when I think of all the memories I'll miss creating with my family.  I'm not sure how to get past that one yet, so if you've got any idea: let me know!  I do know that God is good though, and he wants me right where I am.

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