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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Things That Have Shaped Me

To make a list that encapsulates all the influences on my life would be impossible, but here are just some of the things/people that have shaped me:

  • Going to a Christian elementary school and being raised with a firm foundation
  • Finally letting the world see the goofy and imperfect Hannah

  • Having two amazing brothers on each side- to protect and love me
  • Hannah sandwiches (a.k.a: hugs with mom and dad in the kitchen)
  • My grandfather's death when I was seven
  • The prophetic declaration spoken over my life that I am an overcomer and a fighter
  • The lie that love must be earned
  • Failing my driver's test three times because I was basically "too careful"
  • My uncle's death in 2013, but more importantly: The influence of the life that proceeded it

  • Long hikes with my mom, and with my brothers- full of deep conversations and breathtaking views (Including my run up Handies Peak!)

  • Switching from private to public school in the sixth grade
  • Two amazing coaches, a handful of trusted friends and a devoted church family
  • A daddy who has always told me that, while this is my fight to own, "we are in this together"
  • Hebrews 10:32-39
  • My dad remarrying

*Thanks to Emma Scriver at A New Name, for this great blog post idea!  Read her post HERE.


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  1. Thanks Hannah - love your site and this post.

    Emma S (posting under Glen's account!)