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Friday, May 10, 2013

Done with AP Tests (and Other Updates)

My extended absence from blogging has been driving me crazy. My computer broke- thankfully: after I turned in my research paper and my files are still saved on it.  Yet, I've been unable to get on and blog because I'm hardly ever home and sitting still long enough to use a desktop. I think it's the battery that's not working, but regardless: my little netbook has served me well.
     It's probably a blessing really, because I've been unable to procrastinate online and on Blogger this week, and therefore was able to study very diligently. That's definitely a praise! I'm posting this from my phone but I hope I can use a computer tonight or tomorrow to catch up on my blogging!  However, I must say that I am grateful I was able to study this week- so just like my injury and my daily struggles: God has a plan for everything

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