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Friday, March 28, 2014

Today Will Be The Best Day of My Life


     Did you wake up this morning with determination, or did you-- like me-- roll out of bed with a little apprehension and dread?  For most people, the everyday routine of life is not so glamourous.  We get easily bogged down by deadlines, schedules and demands.
     This is exactly what I was thinking when I opened my devotional the other day.  It was talking about living in a future oriented and heaven focused way.  The writer referenced a friend who said he woke up every morning, proclaiming the truth: "Today is going to be the best day of my life!"
     I'm not suggesting we should ignore reality and live with our heads in the clouds.  Yet, there is great power in the words we speak.  If we speak forth joy, we are going to direct our days toward living in joy.  In the same way, if we speak forth negativity and bitterness, that's what we are going to reap.
     As Christians, we are ambassadors of Christ.  We need to wake up everyday with the determination that we will live out that calling.  Today, tonight, this week: Will be the best in your life!  It's not because you will win a million dollars or finally land that promotion.  Nope.  They will be the best because you will live them to the glory of God.
     See, when we walk forward in the joy and freedom of Christ, we will live out the time we have in the way God has planned, and that will make it the best it can absolutely be.  So it might not be the best we can imagine, but it will be the best.
     Earlier this week, when I was really frustrated with being sick and not being able to run, I was reminded just how often God has already proved himself to me.
     He has never failed me.  In the trials that I've been sure will make my life worse-off, God has brought amazing blessing.  Death, divorce, anorexia and a parent's remarriage: They have all rocked me to the core.  Yet, when I look back, I see the great joy and wisdom and blessing God has brought me as a result of all these things.

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     So today might be a little rough.  You may get angry and blow your top.  Someone else might get angry with you and act poorly.  Either way, if you are a follower of Christ: You are an ambassador of His love, patience, joy, freedom and all that other good stuff.
     Take heart.  He has overcome the world and today, yes today, can be the best day of your life!

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