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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Christian Songs for Encouragement

Eyes on the Prize: One of my
ALL-TIME favorite songs!
     I've had one of those weeks.  It culminated in a morning of tearful worship and fellowship with some pretty awesome friends.  All that to say: I will not give up.  Don't you know that's what Satan wants us to do when the going gets tough.  If you are in need of encouragement today, pick out a couple of these songs.  They will lift your heart and bring it into alignment with the amazing grace and love of Christ.  He hasn't left you and you are not alone in this fight- I'm preaching that as much to you as I am to myself!

1. For when you are discouraged and lacking hope:
 Promises by Sanctus Real

2. When you need to sense God's sovereign love:
 Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave

3. When you feel desperately alone in your trial:
 You Won't Let Go by Michael W. Smith

4. When you need to refocus on Christ and not the things of this world:
 Christ is Enough by Hillsong

5. When you need to remember the faithfulness of God: 
Eyes on the Prize by Sara Groves

     Lastly, here is a video my daddy sent me titled: "Don't Stop, Don't Give Up."  It's pretty silly, and very cute.  Yet, it has somehow stuck with me in a powerful way.  I guess that just goes back to the power of words.  Proclaim it over yourself: You will not give up!  God has so many great plans for you and you must press on.  There is a sweet closeness that you can gain with the father when you are going through trials.  Use this time to draw near to Him and glean everything you can out of this situation.
     I for one, have been beating myself up that I haven't been glorifying God "perfectly."  If I were doing 'XYZ' better, then God would find favor in me and I wouldn't be such a disappointment.  That's nonsense- I'm telling myself this one as well- because your value is not in WHAT you are, but WHO you are.  And I don't mean WHO you make yourself to be, I mean who God says you are.  You are His.  Period.  End of story.  You are amazingly beautiful and forever treasured because your father says so and He created you.
     Don't stop short during this desert trial and miss all the glory, splendor and growth He has for you.  My favorite verse in the Bible (Hebrews 10:39) proclaims, "We are not those who shrink back and thus perish.  We are of those who persevere and preserve our souls."
     Persevere my friend and don't- DO NOT- stop and give up!

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