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Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

 In my family, egg dying is always a tradition.  Perhaps the other members of my family--- Ahem: brothers-- don't take it as "seriously" as I do, but I love having the time with the family!  Besides, we always have some wacky and fun memories that come out of it.  For instance, check out Egg Dyeing 2013.
 We got off to a great start.  Eggs were being colored and memories were being made.  We soon discovered that our cups were too small though and we began, unintentionally, dyeing not only the eggs, but also the newspaper on the countertop (and our fingers!)
 I grabbed a rare picture of the guys participating and dyeing the eggs, which lasted a good 20 minutes before they descended to the basement to play foosball.... 
 That wasn't before I accidentally polluted the orange dye by sticking a purple egg in it too soon.  We decided the new color was "Poop Brown."  My little brother, whose mission is always to create a really hideous egg, was delighted at my mistake.  FYI: His egg came out looking a really pretty taupe, earthy color.  I kind of liked it!

I was so blessed and grateful for the Easter basket I received this year, as it was so personalized to ME!  Among some of the great gifts were some pretty awesome exotic foods, like this Starfruit.  I can't remember if I've ever had Starfruit before, although I probably have at some point, but it was delicious!  And it looks so cool shaped like that!

I also received a Pepino Melon (seen above), a fruit that tastes kind of like a mellow Honeydew Melon.  "Pepino" is Spanish for cucumber, which I also understand because there's a hint of that taste as well.  You can eat the whole thing, and I chose to slice it in long pieces to put in cottage cheese. I was definitely not disappointed: It was so refreshing and delicious.  Still remaining of my unique Easter health foods are a Plaintain and Spaghetti Squash.  I'm hoping to create a blogpost about both when I prepare them, so stay tuned.  

Lastly, I got some more TAZO Cocoa Mint Maté Tea from my mom.  I am a tea connoisseur and of all the stuff I've tried: Cocoa Mint Maté is the BEST!  I don't drink caffeinated teas too often, but I wholeheartedly love this stuff.  The subtle chocolatey taste is highlighted by the mint, creating a mug of pure awesomeness.  If you are as much of a tea drinker as I am, check out some of my other favorite teas HERE.
Unfortunately, Easter Day was a blur and I didn't get many pictures at all.  But it was such a blessing being home!  The Holy Spirit was bringing worship to life at church and I got to celebrate my little brother's 16th birthday (which was also that day!)  I tried to remember he was the "birthday boy" when he shoved me aside trying to get an egg during the egg hunt.  To his defense- and my own shame- he found the most eggs this year and dethroned me as the champion.  We had 256 eggs though!  So I'm pretty sure he just started in the right location with the most concentration of eggs... :)  I hope you all had a great Easter as well, and celebrated the joy of the risen Savior (and not how many eggs you found!)

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