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Saturday, April 26, 2014

20 Ways You Know the College School Year's Almost Over

     It's no coincidence that I've been blogging more lately.  As finals have drawn nearer, I've needed more breaks and more reasons to procrastinate.  Before you all freak out: I am perfectly prepared for finals and am not going to bomb the end of my freshman year (I'm hoping to finish off with a 4.0, mind you!)  This is the typical pattern though.  My brain is fried and my motivation is beginning to resemble the amount of clothing on girls lounging out on the mall: scarce.
     This is far from the only sign that freshman year is almost over though.  Rather, there are plenty of indicators that I have only 1 day of classes (Monday) left before exams and the final ride home...for this year at least.  As you take a look at this list, I hope you realize you are among friends.  If not, I guess I'm the freak.  And in that case, this post will come across as really awkward and stupid.  Enjoy!

1. You're reusing clothing (more than usual) so you don't have to do laundry another time
2. Your desk has turned into a "schlepping corner"

3. You're desperately Googling "how to remove water stain from desk" in your free time

4. You're wondering if bringing all those clothes back after Easter was really a smart idea...

5. You're also wondering why you never wore that cute dress that is lodged in the back of your closet

6. Now you're judging yourself as you realize how little of your "normal-looking" clothes you actually wore, in comparison to sweatpants and athletic gear.

7. You're fantasizing about taking a shower without sandals and singing at the top of your lungs

8. You're also fantasizing about sleep-filled nights without 2 a.m. fire drills or 5 a.m. construction right outside your window.

9. You wonder why in the world you bought 500 paper clips and why you thought you'd have time to read the 10 new books you brought back after Spring Break

10. You just decided to pick one of said books, in order to avoid cracking open that Chemistry notebook

11. You finally retired your snow boots to the back of the closet...last Tuesday

12. There are strange odors in the room, but at this point: You have no idea what it could be

13. These strange odors may or may not be coming from your roommate who's writing a 20 page research paper and hasn't showered in weeks

14. The campus mall is suddenly filled with hoards of students sunbathing and pretending like finals are millions of miles away and they are at the beach.  Thus, it's not 50 degrees out in Indiana, so wearing a bikini top and reeking of tanning lotion is accepted and encouraged.

15. The line for the campus Starbucks is out the door and the gym is strangely empty.

16. You see more delivery guys from Insomnia Cookies (or Jimmy Johns) than Pharmacy majors- unless you are one of them, and you're hiding away in the library with your textbooks and the first draft of your will (RELATED: Quick Snack for the College Health Nut).

17. You've completed more evaluations and surveys this week than you have homework assignments

18. You got to play with puppies this morning and color pictures at dinner last week as part of de-stressing events

19. You decide to write a blog post rather than edit a paper for your Strategic Communication class

20. You decided to read a pointless blog post rather than study for a final that is tomorrow, because it made you think of summer.

To all my fellow students: Enjoy the last few days of the school year and enjoy a well-deserved summer break!

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