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Monday, February 16, 2015

My Recovery Bucket List

Like I said in my last post, God is really doing a lot in my life as I'm continuing treatment and learning to surrender to Him.  Yet, the road is long and it's so easy to get discouraged along the way.  So, as I've seen many people do: I created a list.  It's a list of all the things that are better than ED (eating disorder), the things that I'll get to enjoy when I'm maintaining recovery and living in freedom.  Essentially, it's my recovery bucket list.  The only difference?  When I complete it, I won't be ready for death.  I'll just be starting to live.

So here are some blessings of my future life without anorexia.  You just may find me....

1. Sitting so to write in my blog
2. Using my sharp mental ability to creatively write and read
3. Relaxing with a good book
4. Not getting stress fractures
5. Swim in unheated swimming pools during the summer
6. Sitting and watching TV with friends
7. Experiencing college to the fullest
8. Cooking dinner in my apartment with my roommates
9. Enjoying having a butt and muscles
10. Smashing a Sunday long run with a smile on my face
11. Doing recovery runs, at peace about "easy pace."
12. Putting on my cross country uniform and lacing up my spikes
13. Taking Ice baths without blue lips
14. Going to bed with a smile on my face
15. Running marathons
16. Running ultramarathons
17. Forming relationships with just about everyone I meet 
18. Eating dinner with my family
19. Waking up and enjoying a delicious breakfast
 20. Traveling and eating foods from different countries
21. Eating Clif bars and Quest bars and Luna bars: Oh my!
22. Smothering PB on toast...and sweet kinda with everything
23. Getting dressed up and feeling like the prettiest girl in the world
24. Truly appreciating my body exactly how God has made it
25. Ordering what looks good from a restaurant menu
26. Eating a slice of pizza with friends with no anxiety
27. Reaching out to others to share hope from what I've been through
28. Falling in love
29. Using what I've learned to nurture and encourage my own (future) children
30. Publishing a book from my Redemption Record journal
31. Exploring whatever and wherever I can think of
32. Hiking wherever and whenever I want, with loads of energy
33. Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
34. Traveling the world!
35. Being unashamedly, unabashedly: Hannah
36. Being known.

Thanks for all your support.  I'll keep you updated as I continue on the journey. 


  1. I love this. And I love you. Praying for you as you journey into freedom. Your blog is so great to read and you are an excellent writer. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Christy! You rock and I appreciate your support!