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Saturday, April 20, 2013

God is my warrior

The reason I've been scarcely blogging the past week or so is because I've felt awful.  Monday was a simple "sniffly nose," Tuesday was a full-blown sinus attack, and by Wednesday I was exhausted and coughing like crazy.  My Thursday headache carried over to Friday-- despite getting nine hours of sleep-- and after 9th period at school, I was ready to call it quits.  We had a meet yesterday night, so my plan was to go home and rest and then hopefully feel good enough to run.  Once my mom had picked me up, I was feeling even worse.  While I was sleeping at home, she talked to my coach who needed to give my replacement time to get her uniform and what not.  So she put another girl in my races.  I was really upset when I woke up, because I felt like there was still a chance I could run.  But my headache wasn't gone, and I'd been fighting a gag reflex all day.  Sure enough, while my mom drove us to my dad's, I promptly threw-up the oyster crackers I'd managed to stomach earlier.  She graciously lathered on the hand sanitizer and ignore the awful smell coming from the plastic bag I was holding...and puking into every time I coughed.

     When I got to my dad's, I slept another hour or so after praying with him for healing.  Keeping my eyes open for two long made the headache return, so I would nap during House Hunters International commercial breaks.  I recalled the phrase I repeat to people just about every time I come down with a cold: "my immune system is a warrior!"  So much for that...
     Around 6:30 though, I finally had an appetite.  After I had some soup, I was feeling amazingly better.  By 8:30, I was able to get up without feeling dizzy, and made my way downstairs to watch a movie with my family.  "How is it that I feel so much better so soon," I asked my dad incredulously.  "We prayed," he answered.
     How true is that?  I realize how stupid I have been in claiming that my immune system is a warrior.  Granted, it is able to protect me from countless viruses and illnesses, but that's only by God's power!  My immune system, then, is not the warrior.  God is.
     He fights for me.  He heals me.  He knows that resting rather than racing was exactly what would help me .  He nourished my body and healed me in basically a day!  Then I realize that this is the same God whose promises I am holding on to, whose glory I am running for.  He is able to do great things, and there is nothing that is going to stop him!  He fights for me.

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