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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm grateful for on April 3

     My recent lack of blog posts should tell you that track season is fully in swing!  I am already seeing God move on my team, as we had our second "Track Girls Bible Study" tonight at my house.  What a blessing that it is to minister to other girls and grow closer to God at the same time!  Like I previously mentioned, I'm really learning to trust God and not the circumstances, for my joy (See: What I'm Grateful for on April 1).  God is giving me so many chances for that.  I am still battling against fear that I will experience the same fatigue problem again, that has disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.  I will praise the Lord though, because I know he has good plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11).  I just need to remember that, because I so often forget that God is a good God just like he is a powerful God.  Not only is he ABLE to do great and mighty things through me, but he wants to!  
     I am really grateful that he has used the fatigue and the pulled tendon this week to show me what faith in him really requires.  He is also showing me that I need to find my joy in him alone, not in feelings or race results.  Praise you Lord that you are bringing me closer and closer to you, despite my faults and sins.  
     God is waaaaaaaay to good for me! 

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