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Monday, April 1, 2013

What I'm grateful for on April 1

     Phew..I've made it through (most of) April Fool's day largely unscathed-- aside from a two second freak-out that Ryan Hall was amputating his legs, but then I realized how stupid that would be!  (unfortunately, the post was removed because certain people were offended, although I have no clue why.)
     That alone is quite a blessing to be grateful for; can you imagine if Ryan Hall was no longer being one of the only reasons America can take pride in our distance runners, praising God along the way?
     Anyway, I really am grateful though because I pulled my peroneal tendon during a track workout Friday, and it's been a pain to try and heal up. I stopped 52 min. into my Saturday long run because I could no longer run on all.  Pretty stupid in hindsight, because it was hurting terribly yesterday.  However, the athletic trainer told me to alternate hot/cold on it, with the possibility that I can still run in our first meet tomorrow.  I am so grateful for that because I wasn't sure after I headed to the bike after a measly four minutes of painful running at practice today.  I also know that I cannot put trust of joy in what the circumstances are.  That is the same message that hit me hard as I have started reading Ryan Hall's book Running with Joy.  He talks about asking himself daily, "where are you finding your joy?  In the race results or in God?"  That is something I have done all too often, so this is a great exercise of faith for me.  I am praying for healing on my foot, but trusting that God's got something even better if that's not the case.  At the same time, I am praying that my fatigue will not return as I return to school, but I'm trusting God in that.  I don't have to know.  I have great energy right now.  I feel great and I am so blessed that God has revived me and allowed me to run freely this week.  I know he is good and I trust him as I move forward into HIS season.
     Have a blessed Monday and may you trust him as well-- we have so much to be thankful for!

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