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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Grateful for on April 17

     Today, the biggest thing I'm grateful for is that God is growing patience and trust in my heart.  I am really struggling as things are not moving according to my plan with my track season.  I am frustrated with my parents for not perfectly helping-- which isn't even possible-- and myself, for not perfectly trusting God.  The good thing about today though, is that I noticed I was getting into the place of self-pity and doubt and quickly snapped myself out of it...or at least am trying to.  I've found that when I brood over these things, I eventually start talking about the bad and make things worse.  That's why I decided that I must trust him and I must not let those itty-bitty moments of abandonment in to my journey.  I can do this-- unlike I tell myself during those moments.  The reason is not because I'm perfect, nor because I am willing to work hard enough, but because God is on my side and I know he has good plans for this season.  Granted, "good" doesn't always mean victories and records, and it's easy for us to say that God wants those things because we do, but I truly believe he gave me a vision and a gift for running that he seeks to use to it's maximum potential (past my own max. potential).  So I am holding tight to him and not letting go.
     Today was another learning moment, one I am grateful for because I know THIS IS THE STUFF that matters in the eternal.

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