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Saturday, April 13, 2013

What I'm Grateful for on April 13

     It's been a long and trying few days, and I'm about ready to call it quits on this week.  Before I do however, I refuse to end the week acting like a complaining, self-pitiful teen.  Here's what I am grateful for today:

1. Church tomorrow- I can always count on that special time with God to get me out of feeling sorry for myself and into the right mindset, and receive encouragement from God and others.
2. I am able to run with no pain in my tendon-- or anywhere for that matter!
3. I am feeling a lot better physically (in regard to my energy)
4. After tomorrow, the weather is supposed to warm up again!
5. I have a Dr. appt. on Monday, so I get to miss some school....hmm...I wonder if that one really counts...
6. I got to spend quality time with both my parents today, which was really encouraging to me!
7. I finally made something worth keeping in an art class-- see picture

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