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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Random (and useless) Facts/Things I've Learned This Week

It's been a strange week..err...a regular week.  But to spice things up, I'll let you know how suburbanly-interesting my life really is, with a list of some things I have actually learned this past week:

1. My high school has a new mascot: a wild turkey that enjoys strolling the parking lot and perching on the roof.
2. My right leg is evil, and enjoys receiving 99.6% of my tweaks/injuries (already up to 3 strange ones this season)

3. The West African Ostrich likes to live in arid desert landscapes and can go days without water (RELATED: Ostriches).
4. Santiago is Spanish for James (my Spanish Bible finally came!)
5. All things in Pre-Calculus this week.....(can you tell I hate math?)
6. Yesterday (April 26) was Hug an Australian Day
A loy (photo credit: Wikipedia)
7. It is quite embarrassing to run a race with your spandex shorts inside out, but not many people actually notice the tag or the white fabric at the bottom...
8. Matching the color of a prom dress with a paint swatch is a great way to ensure your date has a matching tux color when your dress is in alterations.
9. A loy is an "early Irish spade with a long heavy handle made of ash."  This is courtesy of Wikipedia and a rousing game of "How many words can we make out of the word Brooklyn" with my older brother.
10. My life is so terrifyingly average and I am so forgetful, that I can't even think of 10 interesting things from this week!  I have got to write stuff down more often!

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  1. I am "creeping" on your blog, and this really made my night!:)