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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I'm Grateful for on April 11

     I am so excited that I was able to run today with no pain-- or even tightness-- in my tendon!  Praise the Lord!  While I know that my joy comes from Christ and not circumstances, this is really encouraging because it means I'm all good to run in our meet tomorrow!  I have been meditating all week on Zephaniah 3:17, and now I see it clearly as I anticipate his singing over me when I finally get to race tomorrow!
     On top of that, I felt extremely energetic and rested during track practice today.  That's an understatement: I was practically bouncing off the walls in the locker room.  My mom was able to pick up some Kinesiology tape (for my tendon) that I had found the other night through Google, so I had that on my leg.  I also had time to finally implement the changes talked about with the Sports Nutritionist I met with on Monday night.  I added food earlier in the day as a mid-morning snack, and although I'm not sure it has taken effect that quickly, it sure felt like it.  My legs were almost the complete opposite of how they felt yesterday.  Running is such a gift and joy in my life, and it is finally becoming joyful again as I continue to feel better physically.  The doctors, the tape, and some brand new shoes might make me feel like I'm ready, but the God that's behind it all assures me that he has prepared me to fulfill the promises and purposes he has given me in racing.
     Just to wrap it up on an inspirational note, here's an amazing and relative quote I recently read in Running for Joy (RELATED: What I'm Grateful for on April 1)-- which I am also very grateful for (and not just because I have a fascination with Ryan Hall).  On a side note, I will have a book review on it soon!

"I am a laid back California type who likes to let things happen, but I have a proactive role in realizing my God given potential-- to actively believe God's promises day by day."

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